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About Us - Aerial Photography And Real Estate Drone Video Services

Architectural Storytelling specializes in aerial real estate photography and drone video service to agents, builders, and designers in Denver, Vail, Aspen, and worldwide.


About TJ Romero // Architectural Photographer


I believe

I believe how something feels is more important than how it works. While on assignment, I take every measure to provide world class customer service. I respect the honor of having the opportunity to collaborate with you.


Welcome and thanks for visiting. Architectural Storytelling was founded by TJ Romero to provide stunning visual storytelling of architecture and the story behind it. Clients who collaborate with TJ, enjoy authentic, meaningful results that reflect the love and passion for the built environment.

Architectural Storytelling offers client focused, relationship based, architectural photography services to clients in San Francisco, New York City, and around the world.

TJ’s passionate about architectural photography and everything it entails, and he takes pride in his work. He does all that he can to ensure that you are completely satisfied with his real estate photography. Good thing is, he’s here to collaborate with you. Architectural Storytelling is here to provide you with priceless aerial real estate photography and video that helps creates narrative strings that add to the story and reflect our love for the built environment.

What sets Architectural Storytelling apart?


TJ is passionate about architectural photography and I have a feeling that the built environment is part of him. The craft of architectural photography is anchored by both his tactile experience of the surroundings and his fascination with design and urbanity. His passion is telling stories through timeless photographic representations at the intersection of context, implementation and design.

Exceptional Qualifications

Having studied industrial design at one of the best art schools in the world – The Academy of Art, in San Francisco –, he is highly qualified and well equipped in all architectural photography, and can take on any project – big or small – and irrespective of where and whatever you want photographed is situated, or being built. TJ has brought new blood into the real estate photography in Denver and is available for workshops, lectures, and individual training.

Plenty of Experience

Apart from TJ’s qualifications, he also has plenty of experience in architectural photography. TJ has been practicing architectural photography for more than 6 years now. If you are looking for real estate photography services near me, then look no further. Whatever you need, Architectural Storytelling has got it!

Architectural Storytelling is available for architectural photography assignments worldwide. Please  contact  us to discuss arrangements.

Architectural Storytelling is available for architectural photography assignments worldwide. Please contact us to discuss arrangements.