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This page is about the philosophy and vision of my company, Architectural Storytelling. I am the company, and I take on just a handful of clients each year who want to use my eye for the experience I have telling visual stories of architecture.



Jazz and Partnership:

As with any great jazz band, there is give, there is take.

The scope is global, the boundaries porous. The value of innovation is unmeasurable. Collaboration is fruitful, and sharing is open. There are clear processes, but free from restriction. Strong knowledge and expertise are the guiding light to translate vision into art. How the performance feels is more important than how it works. 
There is committed trust of nakedness and transparency with nowhere to hide.

As with any great jazz band, the sharing of transformation carries everyone together.

These are my guiding principles as we embark on this journey together. 

Thank you for believing in Architectural Storytelling.
Thank you for believing in me.


After studying industrial deign at the Academy of Art, in San Francisco, I moved to Detroit and jumped deep into the art of visual storytelling. Each day, the city seemed to change and I quickly came to the fact that a camera is an extension of my body. Today, I live in Denver, CO and have been working hard at pursing an immense passion of mine. I've had the honor of photographing over 4,000 properties including many areas of Colorado, such as many vacation homes around Denver, Crested Butte, Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Estes Park, and Boulder. I've also had the opportunity to photograph properties in California, Austin Texas, Sante Fe New Mexico, London United Kingdom, New York City, Brooklyn, Park City Utah, and many other locations. I'm always willing to travel, so please make sure to ask about dates.