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Architectural Story Telling provides top notch aerial real estate photography and video services that increase chances of sales. Book your shoot at best rate.


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Whatever your luxury architectural real estate photography needs are, be it new construction photography, hospitality photography, real estate listings, vacation rentals and VBRO, AirBnB photography, or interior design, etc, Architectural Storytelling has you covered. I also serve the needs of clients on landscape architecture providing state of the art drone photography services.



Cancellations & Rescheduling


The best feeling of collaborating with a local real estate photographer independently is the relationship that builds and flourishes with each photoshoot. No phone trees, or customer service emails. Just me. Feel free to text or call me if you need to talk about cancellations and refunds. There is even a fancy live chat function that goes directly to my mobile phone. Architectural Storytelling confirms each appointment. Scheduled architectural photoshoots with bad weather will still be photographed unless notified 24 before the scheduled time. If for any reason we can’t reschedule, Architectural Storytelling will provide a refund but withhold the retainer fee of 25%. Sound fair?